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Allan Arnold

I’m Allan Arnold and here’s a little bit of about who I am.
I am currently an Invercargill Councillor and am finishing my 2 nd term.
I’m a life-long resident and lover of Invercargill and everything around us.

I also worked for 20 years as a full-time firefighter – so I know what it’s like to serve my community. 
Personally, I’ve started several businesses during the past 40 years in Invercargill, Gore, Bluff, Queenstown and Stewart Island including cafe/bars Ziffs and Buster Crabb.

Through these and other businesses I have probably employed more than 500 people and gained valuable management and governance skills.
For the past eight years I have sat on SIT’S hospitality advisory board. 

During my first term I was instrumental in immediately stopping the use of the captive bolt to euthanise dogs.
What I’d like to see in the future is the animal control people working with local groups that rehome dogs.

Also, I fully supported the SDE employees in keeping their jobs. It’s easy to do things for the lessor dollar, but sometimes looking after our own people is far more important than the dollar.

I also support the Council owning rental accommodation and looking at possible ways to increase the number of rental units. These have always had close to 100% occupancy therefore there is a definite need within the

It’s been exciting seeing a new city being built where our old city once stood. This centralisation will contribute to an ongoing revitalization to our city centre that will endure.

There are many other huge developments happening in Invercargill over the next few years, that will create jobs and housing demands on our community.
We need a Council that is business-friendly and an enabler.
The future of Invercargill is very positive.

It’s my belief that we need a council that shows leadership and vision.

There have been many challenges over the last term,
The 3 Waters proposal from the Central Government.

  • The SDE contract.
  • The Museum.
  • City Streetscapes.
  • Council Operations.

But hopefully after this election we find the Council in a better position to keep the city moving forward.

My vision for Invercargill is to be a great place to live with plenty of opportunities for people to work, study and enjoy our fantastic lifestyle.