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Opinion: Invercargill has been my home for 32 years 

Opinion by Peter Marshall.

During this time, I have seen many changes, both good and bad. There have been many highs and a few lows. Unfortunately, the current council and their performance in recent years would have to be a major one of those lows.

My wife and I  have two teenage daughters who have called Invercargill home all their lives. When our girls were younger, a favourite family activity was to visit queens park and finish the day off by visiting the museum and seeing the Tuatara. Along with all the questions about the War, ‘old people’s clothing’ and Dial phones, they got to see and experience lots of our local history. These experiences have remained with them till today.

The idea of so many southland children never having the opportunity to visit or experience our museum during their informative years is disappointing.

I am standing for council so I can be part of a team that will put aside the arguing and infighting and work together with council staff to deal with the many complex issues that will be part of the next term.

I would like my daughters to want to live and work in southland so let’s work together and make Invercargill great again.

Lets Go Invercargill