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Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown is a born and bred Southlander who wants to be part of a united council that has strong leadership.
The former KB Motorcycles owner has been self-employed most of his working life and know what it takes to run a successful operation.

The start of his career saw him training as a mechanic at GWD Russell, and after that he went into business for himself.
Based in Otatara and currently living with partner Annie, he retired three years ago and swapped dirt bikes for pedal power, and also loves golf.

“I was approached to run for council under the Lets Go Invercargill ticket group and was initially hesitant as this is out of my comfort zone. But as a proud 5 th generation Southlander and ratepayer,
it is time for me to step up to be part of a team with common goals for our city.”
Kevin has been appalled by the current council’s illogical decision making, inaction and waste.
“There has been a lack of leadership from our once great Sir Tim for some time now, so we have a case of the tail wagging the dog. Things need to change.”
He believes this will only be possible if we elect a new council. A council with common sense decision making that will save us money. A council that makes this city a great place to do business, to grow and be vibrant. A council that’s business is the running of our city. A council that facilitates the private sector to invest in businesses in our city.

“In the past we have had a council that made it as hard as possible to do business here and a council that went into direct competition with private business. It is my opinion this must stop.
“We all know there is some big projects on the horizon and I would like to be a small part of making it happen.

“I am totally against government centralisation, 3 Waters being the biggest. Taking away local government control is taking away our future and independence.