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Opinion: Failure Plus Excuses Is Not The Same Thing As Success

A teacher used to say to me “ failure plus excuses is not the same thing as success”. If she had added “and Planning is not the same thing as doing” then she would have captured the performance of Council perfectly.

A single example, Anderson Park, demonstrates that. How can it take eight years to restore a single building. Especially one so iconic. And who knows when we will ever see a worthy City Museum again ?

Repeated squabbling over minor issues rendered the current Council dysfunctional.
There are extremely complex matters for the next Council to deal with ; Three Waters, potential Local Council Reform ; the management of major Capital Projects.

Can we trust the current Councillors to raise their game to deal with these complex issues next Term , or would they spend their time in pointless squabbling again ?

I joined the Let’s Go Invercargill ticket because I believe the Council needs to change significantly to deal with these vital issues.

As for the Mayoralty, let’s choose substance over celebrity.

Published by arrangement.
Paid/Authorised by Tom Campbell. Let’s Go Invercargill.