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Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall, 19 Years in the IT Business, married with 2 teenaged daughters.
Peter Marshall believes there should be full transparency on decision making at council, and
if elected he will work to ensure this happens.

He believes all ratepayers should have access to information, and be able to make
submissions on any issue that may affect their community or Invercargill.

Peter looks forward to representing Invercargill, and brings with him a wealth of expertise in
many different areas.
Having run an IT business for the past 19 years, and initially writing software to manage the
bakery production he was involved in early in his career, he developed a passion for

As a local businessman his goal has always been to use technology and adapt it to help
companies in different ways to suit their needs.

Also a former New Zealand judo champion and a member of the Invercargill Fire and Police
for several years, Peter has built up many skills including resilience and discipline across his
many personal and professional pursuits.

“My wife and I also spent many years living and working in Papua New Gunia and the USA.
This gave me insight into different cultures and community environments.”

Why did I put my hand up for council
Over the last three years, I have been disillusioned with some of the decisions, lack of
progress and common sense.
So rather than stand on the sideline, I decided it was time to put my hand up and help make
Invercargill great again.

The museum is something the council needs to deal with. It has been almost five years since
it was closed, and many young Invercargill children have never had the chance to see the
fantastic collection and history that was part of my daughter’s informative years. Let’s not
spend 10.2m on storage. Let’s use some common sense and use that money on the real

I am totally opposed to the 3-waters reform in its current form. Invercargill ratepayers, over
many years, have paid and maintained these assets, and they belong to the Invercargill
community and all ratepayers. This reform does nothing but take away our control of the
three core services everyone relies on, to benefit those who have not maintained their own
infrastructure. we must keep our AA+ credit rating. How are we going to do this if we lose all
our assets?

I support Nobby’s recommendation the Recycling contract should be extended to 2027. I believe everyone has the right to work and have something to be proud of, and Employing 40 disability workers is just the right thing to do.
The council’s responsibility to ratepayers is to make rates manageable, and they can only do this by managing costs and reducing waste. Accountability is an essential part of any business operation, and the same should apply to the council, as all expenses affect Rates. Do we really need that consultant? Are we managing project cost creep?
We have many challenges in front of us. So let’s get a council that will work together for the benefit of all of us.