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There are 5 major reasons that are extremely important for me to sort out if elected:

By Karl Herman.

-Better governance in our council. Need to focus on what’s important in the council and our city instead of personal attacks, personal agendas and negativity within the 12 councillors. Keep it positive, move on and focus on what your there for, the people of Invercargill. 

– sensible spending of funds available. There has been some ridiculous and wasteful spending of the funds that don’t make any sense. 

– get the major assets of Invercargill back open that shouldn’t have been closed to start with. Assets like Anderson’s park and our amazing museum need to be back open, this will be a major important area I would like to focus on. 

– Our major entries to Invercargill are an embarrassment to say the least. The landscape or plantings especially coming from our airport is a major problem that needs addressing. Our visitors need to be impressed of our city and leave with a positive impression of beauty and tidiness.

– our arts and performances of Invercargill need a major lift. There are performers and tours that skip our city for one reason or another do we need to encourage more down our way which will lift our local economy and give our community events  to attend and support the arts sector. 

These are my major points that need attention that I will be pushing for. 

20 years in management across several business sectors.

As part of this management experience I also have a strong customer relations background, and being able to relate to people is what I do well.