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Who we are

Who are we?
We are a group of enthusiastic Invercargill people that have never had dreams of becoming a City Councillor.
We are linked by our passion for our city, and we see a need for change in our City Council.

We all have our own views and are not bound by any view on any subject. (Although after several group discussions there are some issues, we all feel particularly strong about: for example, the 3 Waters policy of this Labour Government).
We are under no obligation to vote in any way on any subject. We are always our own people.

We have decided to pool our resources to best promote ourselves to the electors of Invercargill. Local body politics tends to have a record of people elected purely due to name recognition and supposed celebrity, (often even though they may have contrary beliefs to the bulk of the electorate).
By pooling resources, we hope to become very well known to our electors thus creating our own small piece of celebrity.

Introducing our candidates:

Nobby Clark – is our Mayoral Candidate.
I am currently Deputy Mayor and spent most of my working life helping at risk families.
I have been the Deputy Mayor for the last 2 years. During this time, I have assumed most of the duties of the mayor. I have had to make some tough calls due to existing Council rules.
I am the Long-Term Partner of Karen, who some think actually wields the power in the family. We have 6 children and 18 grand-children between us.
I ask the hard questions and want the right answers.
I want to get thing done yet am also able to see another point of view when ones given.
In the past, I have managed an agency with up to 200 staff.
I’m ready….

Introducing the Councillor Candidates:

  1. Allan Arnold; 2 term City Councillor, married and father of 3 small children, restaurateur for the last 20 years.
  2. Barry Stewart; semi-retired certified gas fitter, living with my partner Judy, and have three children as well as four grandchildren.
  3. Bevan Smith; Bevan represents the next generation of leaders needed for Invercargill. 
  4. Grant Dermody; I aspire to make Invercargill the best city in the NZ to live and work.
  5. Karl Herman; 30 years in the horticultural industry, beautiful family of 7 and loves everything about rock n roll 
  6. Kerry Hapuku; born and bred proud Southlander, 28yr Tiwai employee, caring candidate for Council.
  7. Kevin Brown; Motorcycle business owner of 25 years , retired , 3 kids 7 grandkids all living in our city.
  8. Peter Marshall; Peter Marshall, 19 Years in the IT Business, married with 2 teenaged daughters.
  9. Rick Murrell; I want to create an environment where the community not just lives here but thrives.
  10. Tom Campbell; former GM of Tiwai and leader of SoRDS ; married with children and grandchildren in Invercargill.